This is the first in the 5 book series by James Paterson .  It is the first in the elite squad meant   to serve and protect the uber rich of New York. If New York’s spoiled wasn’t enough for the police to protect the Mayor has planned a week called Hollywood on the Hudson. A week he uses to spit shine the city and show it off to LA in hopes of getting more cash flowing from the movie business into the Big Apple.

What else happens when LA’s elite show up in ny ? Every wanna be actor, writer .and filmmaker shows up as well. Add in the nut jobs who already live in NY and you have a perfect storm the stuff that the Red unit hates.

I love James Patterson so his stories will make this blog more then once or twice, I know he fits the other category and that category has become a  huge part of this blog.

But that’s what happens while you wait for unique enough vampires like Bethenny Ann and her squad to entire your reading world .    Don’t worry I have a Shifter novel that I love to write about soon . But first we have to have a little talk about the Fangs and Fur before I add more to those categories. I have one more James Patterson to put up this week and then I’ll need your help making a few choices.





Nicholas is by Michael J Scott I’m saying this which I don’t normally because it’s a Christmas book and a lot of people are just now getting out of back to school mode. No one likes it when you push ahead and skip Holidays. And here Mary is doing the thing the world likes least. I’d like to apologize for this but I’m not going to. Christmas comes around

and we are overwhelmed by sickly sweet cover art and the newest must read holiday book and either you skip reading holiday stuff all together like I normally do or if you have a blog you talk about it then. Well I’m telling you now You must read this book and pass this blog post around so I get the amazon perks.

The real reason I’m talking about this book now is that I want you to have it before it gets hard to get out and buy it. Why ? Well it isn’t sugar sweet like some other books that come out about this time. It’s actually about a war correspondent who is the top in his field and he is sent out not to cover another war torn location but up to this monastery in the middle of nowhere spend time with them, learn their christmas story and come back and write a human interest story about them . This does not make this reporter happy at all but bills must be paid so of he goes. And because he goes we do to. I can’t tell you much more than that about the book without breaking my rule about ruining plots.


If you remember I did a book before this blog got picked up by amazon to run in its affiliate program called A Chic and Simple Christmas by Fiona Ferris. That book and Nicholas actually have a lot to do with each other . Not only are they holiday books but one of the things Fiona Ferris suggests is getting a theme for your holiday and building out from there. I did it the first year like I shared more out of panic then anything else. For years after I couldn’t have found a theme and built from it even you paid me to.  But after reading Nicholas I found a bunch of themes all of them would be great starter themes so you don’t have to figure out a theme in a panic like I did .




Queen Bitch

Eight months have passed since Bethy Ann took her new “job” .  Her new CO and his assistant have gone missing and it looks like she is in charge of clean up duty. She’s stayed still for the most part wondering exactly what she has and exactly who she has to deal with.  Thankfully she has friends like Nathan and Ecaterina to make things better. Her new copilot has been nothing short of annoying. All in all she needed some retail therapy and help sorting out the mess she was left in a hurry because as much she liked this place, she is well aware of the fact she has a Job to do.


She has to meet up with and gain the trust of the team Bill left behind . She is still a woman who feels that dressing well is her first weapon . She then has to come back into Europe to make sure that all her money matters are dealt with by Nathan who happens to be a financial wizard. And start planning how she is going to deal with the mess left by her mentor’s disappearance and the fact that they have two very different ways of handling problems.

In America she also has to deal with being the new boss of a world eight months ago She had no idea existed.


I hope I didn’t give away to much that’s one thing I hate to do. But I wanted people to know what Bethanny is facing in book two before I get on my rant box.  I like the speed of the books. I love the people in the book and even more so as he moves along I have read up to book six and writing the reviews for my blog allows me to reread earlier books and enjoy them again .  However in each book This author rips off his own stories by shorting them and taking space to talk about how fast he is as an author. How cool he thinks his fan base is and the different ways his story is doing on amazon. I had hoped he would get away from this but as of book 6 he still talks about his stuff and takes away from 5 pages where I know I want more story.


I am going to leave the links to both books here  and if you plan on buying with one click please click my links I’m trying to make a go at this amazon affiliate  thing






What have I been up to the last few days? I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Hades. He pulls up the rear of Terry Bolryder Soldiers series If your a fan of hers then you know that sexy shifters go along with her name really really well. For this review I didn’t do the story as much as the feelings I have about Hades the man . So if that is going to be a problem you should probably back out now. Terry does great on the Alpha bear protecting his mate thing. I love her work but Hades got the short end of the stick when she delt with him as a man.

I’d call what has some form of PTSD. Alongside some body image issues. He threw everyone  out of his life because of it. He backed away from his team while he was in his human form when it was time to bear up and kick bad guy butt he was all in. Otherwise he’s on his own and accept for a few lame attempts which causes him more harm then good they claim yeah we got your back. Lame.

Did everyone forget his girlfriend/ bride to be lived in the same town? Uh yeah she looked like she broke it off with him. It would be hard not for it to look that way when his door is slamming in her face. I wonder if his cabin had skid marks from where she’d slide backwards after the slam. We have to assume the guys got the same treatment since it was their interference that caused the biggest problem in the story. Which means they knew where he was how he was feeling about life in general , and they knew where his bride was too. She’s the one they all turned on casting her as the villain .  These are really smart tactically trained problem solvers right?  Where did those skills go when they looked at the situation and didn’t think to talk to the bride before we make her the bad guy?

Unless all three stories are happening at once you can claim single guys know nothing about how women think which I buy. But his buddies were married and had kids in thier lives and never thought to look for the missing bride and talk to her? Um don’t buy it.  I love her and this seris but I’m sorry giving Hades story a 3 or 4 read and just reading him buy himself plot holes galore. Buy This series tell me what you think. I’d love a different point of view on this.

Fashionable and Chic Christmas

Christmas may be your favorite holiday with It’s presents, and it’s huge families gatherings. Over time that disappears as people build their own traditions and the ones around you get smaller. First, I give you permission to sob you little Christmas loving soul out. Cry your way thru as many boxes of tissue as you need. Know that missing your big Christmas will randomly creep up on you throughout the year. It’s ok.
One year I was so tired around Christmas that when my mom and her friend said that they would decorate for me. Knowing that our styles clashed badly and I would take it all down immediately. I absolutely forbid them to come anywhere near my house. I pulled together what little energy I had and went book shopping what all good book junkies do when they need help. I found this book A Chic and Simple Christmas by FIONA FERRIS I bought it and a few others of hers instantly.

Did doing that fix things immediately? Sort of. I grabbed a fairly easy idea to pull off with what i had in my Christmas closet . Put up the smallest of my trees and used one of her simplifying ideas decorated it in less than 10 minutes and I was done. I had a favorite party bowl so I took it out and asked my mother to bring me 4 boxes of Candy Canes. I put them them all in my favorite bowl and everyone who guessed at what I had done got a candy cane. It wasn’t until after Christmas when someone I don’t see during the holiday guessed what I had done and why . Someone had taken a picture with their phone so they had the whole season to guess even though the prize was only some holiday candy. It wasn’t until after Christmas when someone I don’t see during the holiday guessed what I had done and why That was years ago and I’ve been following her advice for Christmas every year since .
This book makes for a great investment as do all her other books . Will I ever be her no. No one has ever said you can’t take a good idea now and again . Will you still miss parts of your huge Christmas yes. But if you try this a few times even if you do it out of panic and or a need for a jolt to your creativity you learn something about yourself every time. That helps you remember that even as we miss our big budget Christmas with everybody crowded around us there are still smaller traditions we can save and in the process savor. https://www.amazon.com/Chic-Simple-Christmas-Celebrate-holiday-ebook/dp/B018UOU68S/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1534183270&sr=1-4&keywords=fiona+ferris

Death Becomes Her


On one day that starts out as normal and boring as the rest a Soldier dies in combat. Sad but it happens. At the moment of that soldier’s death however a fault door opens and a buzzer sounds on a desk in Washtion,  a debt has come due.


Bethenny is a soldier  with the respect of her team and her boss. She suffers from a genetic condition that no one can cure. She is looking at 6 months max. Her boss tells her that a new position has opened up it’s an entirely new team and she’s the only qualified for the job. She has to meet with one or two people for the job interview but she will pass no problem. She agrees to the interview.


It becomes apparent during the interview process that these people who ever they are have the cure for her condition. If you want the cure you have to sign on. Signing on is a serious decision though if you do it means no contact with her former life at all ever. Does she do it ? Could you?  


When I started this book I was looking for an escape from my own problems nothing more. I most certainly did not look to become hooked on another author. I had a plan I had gift card cash and I was going to make it last to the Holidays. That was before this is now. I read these books to fast to keep m gift card balance healthy with this series on my radar .  A book in this series takes me 2 days to read comfortably. It is always loaded with action and the author knows just how to keep you balanced on the edge of your seat. WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT AND I REPEAT IS NOT LIGHT ON SWEARING. IF A POTTY MOUTH OFFENDS YOU THEN PASS THIS BOOK THIS WHOLE SERIES IN FACT THIS AUTHOR UP. Personally the cursing in this book and the other’s I’ve read doesn’t bother me .